• Try to understand the north’s challenges

    We are all in this together and every time the headlines point to a deficit in the north, the stigma and stereo typing is consciously and unconsciously reinforced and it creates more challenges to overcome.

    Geelong Advertiser, 24/01/2020

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  • Battle from Birth: Geelong’s north being ‘left behind’

    Data reveals a startling gap in health outcomes between disadvantaged and advantaged individuals. It shows residents in Corio Norlane, had shorter life expectancies, higher rates of psychiatric distress and behavioural problems, and higher rates of lung cancer when compared with the region’s most advantaged post codes.    

    Geelong Advertiser, 21/01/2020

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  • Jobless crisis in northern suburbs

    The Australian Bureau of Statistics has released data showing that more than one-in-five people in Corio-Norlane were jobless, with an unemployment rate of 21.6 per cent – the worst in Victoria and 18th worst in Australia.

    Geelong Advertiser, 15/07/2019

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  • Vital cog to a brighter future

    About 100 people from Geelong’s most disadvantaged suburbs have found work in the past year, thanks to a support agency focused on Corio and Norlane. Most who have completed courses through Northern Futures have moved into full-time employment – some after years without work.

    Geelong Advertiser, 07/05/2019

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  • Business owner heaps praise on Northern Futures

    A local business owner is “gobsmacked” by the funding cut facing Northern Futures. “I can vouch for the benefits that comes from the tireless work and personal commitment of the staff of Northern Futures”.

    Geelong Advertiser, 29/04/2019

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  • North ravaged by crime

    Legal experts raise major concerns about the way governments are dealing with people from disadvantaged backgrounds going through the justice system. “The community and the government have been repeatedly warned that unless they address the issues causing the crime, they are making our community less safe, no matter how many...

    Geelong Advertiser, 18/04/2019

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  • Helping Feed Hungry Kids

    Hungry youths are flocking to a free Geelong Council progam, which provided 11,000 meals to young people last year.

    Geelong Advertiser, 13/04/2019

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