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Northern Futures is a not for profit organisation addressing disadvantage in Geelong’s northern suburbs by delivering tailored education and employment opportunities in collaboration with industry, community and government.

We believe in transformation. We know strong, sustainable communities are built by increasing economic participation and social inclusion.

We connect, support and advocate to link the requirements of industry with the strengths of the people we work with, and to share the opportunities that abound in our region.

Northern Futures Annual Partnership Breakfast 2019

Come and join us for breakfast, conversation and celebration on Friday 15 March 2019 at the Geelong Football Club. 

Our Key Note Speakers are Andrew Hamilton and Cameron Hamilton from Pivot City Innovation District. They will be sharing their vision for the district and beyond.

Councillor Anthony Aitken will share his thoughts on redressing disadvantage and what can be done.

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The Ideas Behind our Work

Northern Futures utilises the Bridges out of Poverty framework to help us understand the struggle, resilience and skills of people who are living in survival mode. Rather than misinterpreting the actions and expectations of our participants, Bridges out of Poverty helps us to recognise and appreciate different values and reasons behind actions that are not always apparent .

This framework has enabled us to see clearly the amazing talent, strength and qualities of people who have often been overlooked by others.

Our Getting Ahead course comes from the Bridges out of Poverty framework and it helps people living in survival mode understand that they have more resources to draw on than simply money. It enables participants to view themselves through a different lens, offering a brighter assessment of the future and their place in it.

As well as learning about themselves, they learn about the hidden rules of people who are not living in survival mode, helping them to understand why others act the way they do.

Numerous people have benefited from this friendly, low key opportunity to investigate their own view of the world and their place in it. From here many people embrace the opportunity to join a skills training class and gain employment as a result.

Getting Started with Getting Ahead

We are pleased to be offering Getting Ahead in 2019 in conjuction with the Cloverdale Community Centre. 

In Getting Ahead, participants investigate the impact low wages or dependence on Centrelink payments has on them and what it takes to move from just getting by to getting ahead.

Getting Ahead is different from other learning experiences. Participants are not told what to do or think but are encouraged to become investigators of their own lives, to dig for the facts and not settle for the obvious answers. Investigators look for the truth and become experts at what they’re investigating.

What Getting Ahead participants discover usually leads to a brighter assessment of the future and their place in it.

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