Pre-Accredited Training

Course Name:

Getting Ahead

Course Description:

In Getting Ahead, we investigate the impact low wages or dependence on Centrelink payments can have on you and what it takes to move from just getting by to getting ahead.

Getting Ahead is difference from other learning experiences. You are not told what to do or think but are encouraged to become an investigator in your own life, to dig for the facts and not settle for the obvious answers. Investigators look for the truth and becomes experts at what they’re investigating.

What Getting Ahead participants discover usually leads to a brighter assessment of the future and their place in it.

This course is offered in three modules; My Life Now, Hidden Rules, and Building Resources.

Throughout the course you will:
Challenge old beliefs and take charge of your future.
Explore and discover why you do the things you do.
Learn that you have choices.
Discover your strengths and resources


15 weeks (2 mornings per week)

Class Times:

9:30am – 12:30pm (Wednesday & Thursday)

Program Commences:

March and August


Norlane Community Centre

Course Adviser:

Cherie Longstaff

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